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Discussing Material Options Based on 15 Years Experience

Having worked in the garage door repair industry for over 15 years here in Hampton, we’ve seen my share of different materials come and go in popularity. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing door or install a new one for a new home, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right material. Let us share some insights from my experience.

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Steel Doors: A Tough Classic

Steel has long been the standard material for garage doors. Made of thick gauged steel panels, a steel door is extremely durable and can withstand plenty of everyday wear and tear as well as high winds and other extreme weather. Steel doors are heavyweight, which means they open and close smoothly with little effort. Many still prefer steel doors for their classic appearance as well as strength and longevity. However, they are on the heavier side which means more effort is required to manually operate a steel door if the opener fails. Repairs to dents or other damages are also more involved with steel over lighter materials.

Fiberglass Doors: A Modern Option

Fiberglass has gained popularity in recent years as a lighter weight yet still strong alternative to steel. Fiberglass panels are constructed of wood fibers bound together with resin, giving them insulating properties that steel lacks. This means fiberglass garage doors provide better thermal insulation to help control temperatures in your garage. They also resist denting, cracking and rusting just like steel. At the same time, fiberglass doors are around 25% lighter than comparable steel doors. The lighter weight makes them easier to manually operate if needed. Fiberglass is now the material of choice for many new garage door installations.

Aluminum Doors: Sleek and Maintenance-Free

For homeowners looking for a virtually maintenance-free door material, aluminum is a great option. Aluminum won’t dent, crack, split or rot like wood and steel doors are prone to over time. An aluminum door has a smooth and sleek appearance thanks to its high-quality surface finish. You won’t have to perform any painting or staining maintenance to keep it looking its best. Aluminum is lightweight but still durable, resisting dents and dings much like fiberglass. It’s also rated to withstand high winds. While aluminum carries a higher price tag up front compared to other materials, it offers unbeatable low-maintenance performance year after year.

Wood Doors: Exude Natural Beauty and Character

Some homeowners still prefer the classic appeal and natural beauty of wood garage doors. Selecting wood like cedar or fir allows your door to complement the appearance of your home’s siding and trim. Wood doors that receive proper care and protection can last many years. However, wood doors require more intensive ongoing maintenance in the form of annual cleaning, sealing and painting to prevent damage from moisture and UV exposure. Wood is also prone to dents and cracks over time. When choosing wood, be sure to select only high-quality wood products from an established manufacturer that offers a sturdy design and long-lasting protective finish.

Beyond Materials: Additional Considerations

No matter which material you choose, garage door panels are available in a wide range of styles like raised, recessed or flush panels as well as window options. It’s important your installer thoroughly measures the opening to ensure an accurate fit as well as evaluates your property’s wind load requirements. Additional features to look for include heavy duty steel reinforcement on all sides for added strength, corrosion resistant hardware and 24-gauge steel on door sections. Quality components like durable tracks, bearings, hinges and balance mechanisms are also crucial for smooth and long-lasting operation. Let’s discuss what will work best for your property and budget.

In summary, as an experienced garage door company here in Hampton, we hope this overview of popular materials has helped explain the key factors to consider when choosing your new garage door. Feel free to contact us to discuss the options that will best suit your property and expectations. We can also provide garage door installation or repair services for all brands and materials.


A well-maintained garage door should provide 15-20 years or more of service depending on the material. Steel and fiberglass tend to last the longest while wood requires more frequent painting and sealing to protect it. Proper installation and routine maintenance is key to maximizing the lifespan.

There are pros and cons to both belt and chain drive openers. Belt drives are generally quieter but can wear out faster over many years of use. Chain drives are noisier but tend to last longer with less maintenance. For most homeowners, either will work fine so long as it is a name brand model. I’d be happy to help you determine which style best fits your needs and budget.