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Choosing a New Garage Door: Materials, Designs and Important Features

If your old garage door has seen better days and is in need of replacement, selecting the right new model can be an important decision. As homeowners in Hampton know, the garage door is a defining element of your home’s curb appeal and functionality. Here are some factors to carefully consider when shopping for a new garage door to suit your home and lifestyle.

Garage Door Features


There are several materials commonly used in modern garage doors, each with their own pros and cons. Steel is one of the most popular and durable options capable of standing up to the elements here on the coast of Virginia. Steel doors provide excellent strength and security at an affordable price. Fiberglass is a non-rusting alternative to steel and very lightweight, making it ideal for high-lift doors. 

Wood doors offer natural beauty but require more maintenance to keep protected from moisture. Composite materials blend wood grains or other designs into low-maintenance plastic for the look of wood without the upkeep. Aluminum brings modern style along with resistance to dings and dents. Choosing the best material depends on your budget and how much low-maintenance versatility you need versus natural aesthetics.


When it comes to appearance, you have an amazing variety of garage door designs to choose from in styles to complement any architectural theme. Traditional raised panel doors mimic the stately look of fine woodwork, while contemporary smooth panel designs deliver clean lines. Swing doors that open outwards save interior space. 

Sectional doors with multiple horizontal sections stack compactly above the opening. Specialty windows ranging from single lites to ornate decorative glass allow natural light in while maintaining security and privacy. Carriage house doors with separate top and bottom sections let you fully showcase outdoor décor. Browse catalogs and websites thoroughly to find a new door with the perfect look for your Hampton home.

Window Options

Garage door windows not only allow natural sunlight inside, but they can truly enhance the curb appeal and style of your home. Today’s high-performance windows are energy efficient and provide security and privacy through heavy-duty glazing. 

You can choose clear or frosted glass, rectangular or vertical lites, various multi-lite patterns or artistic stained glass designs. Special UV-resistant coatings protect against fading too. Consider window placement so outdoor plants and landscape features are highlighted at their best advantage. Speaking with representatives at your local garage door showroom is invaluable for visualizing which windows will make your new door absolutely stunning.

Hardware & Features

Important functional elements of every garage door include heavy-duty steel hinges to withstand constant use and powerful torsion springs that can safely open even heavy insulation panels. Choose a top-quality opener that includes built-in safety sensors to prevent closing on anything and offers convenient wireless keyless entry. 

An automatic power lock keeps children and pets secure once closed too. Reinforced frames are engineered for noiseless operation year-round. Superior insulation with an R-value rating of at least 12 can significantly help lower energy bills in Hampton. Opt for extra perks like durable powder-coated finishes and warranty protection against defects should any issues arise down the road. Attention to features gives you peace of mind and maximizes your door’s value.

Installation Considerations

Proper installation is absolutely crucial for safety and to ensure your beautiful new garage door functions as designed for many years. Some key things to think about involve selecting contractors carefully, ensuring headers and supports are appropriately sized, and getting permits if required beforehand by building codes. 

Opt for companies, like Integrity Garage Door Repair here in Hampton, with extensive experience and who can advise whether reinforcements or new tracks may be needed based on your specific garage setup. Taking time at the planning stage delivers perfect results and worry-free door operation for the life of your home.

I hope this information on garage door materials, designs, features and installation considerations has helped give you a better idea of the decisions and preparations needed to choose and install the perfect new garage door for your Hampton home. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need expert guidance, installations services or repairs down the road.


While it’s technically possible for a very handy DIYer to attempt a self-installation, we don’t recommend it due to the risks involved. Proper knowledge, tools and safety equipment are required to handle the weight and tension of heavy-duty components like tracks, springs and panels. Professional installers are fully trained and insured should anything unforeseen occur during the process too. For best results and peace of mind, hire licensed contractors.

The total investment in a new garage door can range greatly depending on the door material and size, window features, door design intricacies, brand, and whether you purchase just the basic door sections or spring and track components as well. However, expect to budget somewhere in the range of $1,000-$3,000 or more installed for a quality 16×7 foot single car door including an opener. Getting multiple quotes from reputable dealers like ours ensures you find the best overall value for your specific needs and budget.